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An individual dog can only enter one major class (scooter, rig or bike) per race. Dogs may, in conjunction with a Major Class, run in Canicross and/or Junior and Peewee Classes if deemed capable at Marshalling by the Race Vet/RGO. Novice refers to Dogs or Mushers in their 1st year of racing, Veterans refers to dogs over the age of 7 years.

This race will be run under ASSA rules, as such minimum competition dog age of 12 months and no muzzles to be permitted while competeing, please be sure you have read and understood the rules prior to attending the event. Please note at all SDRQ events bikejor classes will abide by the same temperature restrictions as scooter and rig classes.

By signing this entry form I declare that all dogs on my team/teams are over 12 months of age and are fit and physically capable of competing. I agree that I have read, understood and will run under the rules governing the race (ASSA). I shall not hold the SDRQ INC liable for any injury or accident, which may occur during the race. I agree to be responsible for my conduct and that of my helpers and my dogs. All dogs present at club events mush be able to provide a Vaccination Certificate proving a minimum C3 level vaccination.


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