Sled Dog Racing Queensland Inc

Membership Form

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As a Member/s of Sled Dog Racing Queensland Inc. I/We agree to:
- Supply copies of all dogs current vaccination certificates on request in accordance with the ASSA Vaccination Policy
- Abide by the Incorporation Rules, Club Rules and Code of Conduct of Sled Dog Racing Queensland Inc.
- Act as reputable members of SDRQ Inc by upholding the code of conduct and objectives of the club
- Allow SDRQ Inc to use any photos and footage of the members named on this form for promotional material (Newsletters, Printed or web based)
- Membership includes ASSA membership and insurance. However, in the event of a claim please note there is a $500 excess fee that will be at the claimant’s expense.


Please note that your entry and payment details will be emailed to you after submitting this form.